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Many things can cause damage to the body, even on a cellular level. That is also where the value, power, and benefits of regenerative therapy (also commonly referred to as stem cell therapy) can make a difference. At Jamilina, we offer a range of IV and regenerative IV services for people in the greater San Antonio, TX area.

Disease, age, toxins, and more can cause damage to our body, inside and out. The good news is today, we have treatments to combat these issues, like regenerative IV therapy. From protecting our cells to promoting healing and cell regeneration, stem cell therapy is an invaluable technique to restore vitality and energy to our bodies and our lives.

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The Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

IV therapy is a great way to address many different issues. From replenishing your energy levels to boosting your libido and more, IV therapy is a proven and effective solution. When the body needs a little more, however, NAD IV options can also offer many benefits.

At Jamilina, we provide a variety of IV infusion treatments, including NAD IV options. NAD IV therapy is not only one of our most popular IV solutions, but it can work to help the body in many ways too. NAD IV therapy can help cellular repair, promote healing for inner damage from toxins, byproducts, and waste, along with working to slow the aging process, and more.

Like most IV therapies, most people will also feel the benefits and effects of IV treatments more quickly than other alternatives. Want to increase your mental acuity, improve your performance, and protect your body on a cellular level? Then NAD IV options may be the right option for you.


For All Your IV Therapy Needs

At Jamilina, we are committed to empowering people to restore their health, sense of well-being, and outlook on life. From basic IV therapy solutions to NAD IV options and more, you can feel better, stronger, healthier, and more alive with the right IV solutions. If you live in or around San Antonio, TX, and want to learn more about IV therapy solutions, contact us today. 

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