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Amira Abdelkader, RN has a passion for helping people realize their best health through a holistic approach to wellness.

Amira Abdelkader, RN believes that in order to cultivate a happy and productive community it is time to create a culture of wellness in our city of San Antonio, and education is the key.

Amira Abdelkader, RN has over 30 years of experience as an RN, ten of which were spent in the USAF in Medical Flight Evacuation.  She is now also a Health and Wellness Coach dedicated to empowering people to restore their own health and well-being.  After overcoming her own chronic disease Amira is motivated to teach others how to do the same.  She does this by offering classes to the broader community as well as one-on-one guidance about how to make important lifestyle changes such as proper nutrition, herbal remedies, essential oils, medical massage, and more. She even teaches the Qi Gong movements with the 9-Breath technique to minimize stress, pain, and PTSD.

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The Jamilina logo was created from two Arabic names, Jamil and Lina.  Jamil is a male name that means beautiful, and Lina is a sacred, female name that means “a little palm tree”. Palm trees are resourceful, hardy trees that survive easily and grow in the desert. You can eat the fruit (date) and the sap from the heart of the tree, and the leaves can be used to build things to protect yourself.

The logo was created from the names of my children and represents the yen and yang, demonstrating an energetic connection. When the two names are combined, the meaning is “make me beautiful”. You may wonder how do you make a person beautiful? This is done by assisting others to heal from within. This is why the name was developed. It is necessary to heal from the root cause, or the core, to feel better and be energized.

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